Gotta Catch 'Em All

Date: 5/19/2017

By itsliz

I don't remember the first portion of this dream but what I do remember is that I ended up in a house that was empty, but as big as a small - ish hotel can be. The lobby was massive and long with red rugs that didn't cover the stone flooring. There are tan walls and near the entrance there had been long desks with bright lights hanging from the really tall ceilings. For now the dream acts like a movie and watches me instead of being from my view. The place is big enough for me to have a brown horse that I'm riding and I think that I'm a Pokémon trainer because I have the feeling I'm on the hunt. The way I can find Pokémon is like an Easter egg hunt -- they're statues and when I find them then suddenly it acts like a video game. It pans to my eye view when I "catch" a Pokémon and at the bottom it has wording. CONGRATULATIONS YOU FOUND _____ POKÉMON! Sometimes it has descriptions that I forgot, but at some point I end up in the locker rooms that remind me of the locker rooms from the video game "Life is Strange," except it's well - lit and a bit more spacey. In the corner of one of the private rooms, I find a Shaymin. I try to pick it up but it pans to my view again. SORRY, YOU SHOULD'VE TRIED TO PICK UP THIS POKÉMON BEFORE. Not sure what made it feel I progressed too quickly, I take my horses reins and start walking from here through another long hallway in the lobby that is still even spacier, thinking if I retrace my steps then it'll work and with the center having stone flooring and on either side there's now very dark blue carpet with red one - cushioned chairs. I stop walking and don't remember what I did but I find Shaymin again and pick it up and this time it works. It's at this point I wake up.