Running Away

Date: 6/13/2017

By TheForlornKnight

I was working for some gangster people by moving product or money around. Tried to get out but wouldn't let me. I decided to steal from them, trap them with police and run which seemed to work. I got home to an upstairs apartment and see some guys driving past looking for me. I tell my 2 kids to go out back to our SUV and get in. I lock the front t door and follow out, strapping the kids into car seats. I feel my phone ring and it's not my phone, saying they are coming for me. I throw it into bushes, get in and drive away. I get away but the guys start sending texts threatening me to my actual phone, including a pic of a guy and girl on my porch. I am still driving and call my wife to tell her not to go home. Mid conversation I wake up.