Date: 6/25/2019

By TheMeaningOfRecit

I was walking down the stairs of my house to the game room. This room was arranged like it was in 2015, except that the air hockey table was in the middle of the room. When I walked in the room, a small white spider came towards me. When it reached me, I squished it with my bare foot. After that, I saw something yellow under the air hockey table. I walked towards the object. Whenever I looked under it, I saw something very disgusting. It was a giant yellowish-whitish-orange spider. It looked gooey because it seemed like it was stuck on the part under the table. It also had thousands of tiny legs on it. There was also lots of small white spiders surrounding it. When I saw it, a suspenseful sound from SpongeBob played. After a few seconds, I ran upstairs and saw Mom standing in the kitchen. I told her about the giant spider downstairs. Whenever I showed how big its body was, I used my fingers to make a circle. When I did this, my hand was a lot bigger than usual. Then she said "Hold on, I'll get it later," but she just stood there in the kitchen the whole time. After that, I walked back towards the game room, but before I could walk down the upstairs hallway, my cat Gizmo walked down the stairs. I followed him down and it became different. The first set of stairs was normal, but the second set did not go downstairs anymore. Instead, it went to a third set, which was infinite and between two walls. The second stop had two entrances with light coming from them. The stairs and walls were made of brown wood. When I looked down this part of the stairs, the dream turned into a 5 second picture. The photo was of Gizmo with his mouth open and his front-left paw sticking out with claws, and he grew twice his size. There was also new animals that was the size of Gizmo, such as a lizard, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, and more. When this picture was over, it cut to two different pictures. The left one was of Fry from Futurama laying on ice with his face down. This picture was turned sideways with his head up, and it was cut off, showing only his head and shoulders. His eyes were closed and it looked like he had no shirt. The right one was actually a video. It was of the squirrel dancing like a human. After a few seconds, it cut to a new scene of all the animals mentioned dancing the same way, except for Gizmo, who wasn't present this time.