Notra Dome Rooms

Date: 2/17/2017

By KatTheDreamer

The scene from The Hunch Back of Notra Dome plays out where Quasimoto finally saves Esmeralda from burning at the stake and is holding her up in the church balcony yelling "Sanctuary!" He walks back in with Esmeralda and they walk into a separate room and collapse. Now it's K (my boyfriend) and I who are in the separate room collapsed. We are motionless for what feels like hours. Another person enters the room. They talk to K for a while and I find the strength to get back up. I look through the door and see there's countless rooms ahead of me, each doorway is across from the next. I start walking through each room, and I don't make it very far before I collapse again. K comes to help me up.