Fight with my friend

Date: 2/2/2019

By jaesmine

Boy, i should’ve kill this bitch!! So in the dream i was in a pos apocalyptic world with wierd ass creatures outside that kill u if they saw u. So my dumb ass went outside a creature saw me and tried to kill me so i ran in a building and enter a room with survivors, I told them that the creatures were coming so we had to move fast And by the way we didn’t had fucking guns but arrows anyway so we ran outside as faster we could and arrived at a small house. We dissided to enter and i saw an other survivor group with people i knew, there was my mom and friends. So everyone was like “wow u made it!!” “U arrived just in time for dinner” so all the “kids” were sitting in one part of the table and adults the other and then “my friend” Ketura was all petty and shit acting like a bitch. So she asked my to if i could gave her my food, all of it and gave it to her cause she was the chosen one or what ever, i looked at her and told her “who tf u think u are?” She spite on my plate Me trynna act normal like nothing happened and then everything turned back to normal like nothing happend. I turned towards her and looked at her and out of nowhere I slapped her so HARD that she fell on the ground and i was shouting “WHO U THINK U ARE!” She started to kik me but i was already on her beating her head and shocking her, she grabbed a knife and stab me in the arm (i actually could feel that one) so i ran took an poised arrow and stabbed her throat multiples times until her dad was screaming at me an shot me in the head... i suddenly woke up and wrote this. Thanks for reading