old dreams 2

Date: 2/11/2017

By CatOnTheFiddle

I am in an elaborate temple. The decorations feel vaguely Egyptian, but there is a Mayan feel to the architecture. The temple is huge, full of constantly shifting blocks and pillars which go on for as long as I can see, possibly for eternity. I know somehow that this place is a gateway to different dimensions, and my goal is to find the right door. I know I'm being chased by people from outside my temple who want to use the gate for their own gain. There are guardians too, and creatures that slipped through their world gates and wound up lost in this endless maze. As I make my way through, I get pinned by a group of four feline creatures. They look like hairless hyenas, with dark gray skin. Their heads are more like a housecat's, triangular but with long and thin ears. Their eyes burn like coals in dark sockets, not red but a color that I don't know, close to a smokey purple I suppose. I run from them until I get trapped on a ledge. Then their minds psychically touch mine and I realize that they aren't here to attack me, but to guide and protect me. Together we find the gate I was looking for, with the people chasing me close behind. We go to go through the gate... Then I wake up.