Date: 2/9/2017

By Red Turtle

A soft breeze blows along my left side. My face scrunches as I take in a breath. The smell of salt water asaulting my senses. I open my eye's and look around lost, but I feel myself ease into relaxation. Peace filling my being until I fall into a dream like state... Isn't this a dream though? I remember the thought crossing my mind, but it fades as quickly as it appears and I feel myself turn over to look beneathe me. As I do so; his hand reaches out to me.. I don't feel myself smiling, but I know I am. I know this man...this feeling and I know all of a sudden I am sad. I miss him and adore him. I float aimlessly along as I look around... lost.. The hand is gone and I am alone again, but I begin to rise. Higher and higher I rise the sun becoming closer, the smell of the ocean fading away. Flashes of my younger life race past me and then the world becomes dark. I don't know what it meant but the flight was emotional...