Motorcycle Joyride With a Fight.

Date: 4/8/2017

By LonerWolf

I don't really know where to start because this dream was either one long dream chopped into different parts, or several small dreams. I'll just start with the fact that I was riding a motorcycle, not like a hardcore old fashioned motorcycle, but more like a modern, sleek looking bike. Anyways, I seemed to pass by several of the same places at least twice in the dream. I remember feeling like I was just taking the bike for a casual ride, just to drive around and relax. I felt a little anxious, as I only had half a tank of gas, actually, in real life I only have half a tank of gas in my car. I was worried likely because I don't have a job in real life and because of this I avoid driving my car to much because I feel bad for wasting gas and then having to ask my kind parents for gas money. Eventually I remember cruising around a two way street with a large open park to my right. I think I saw my brother but I'm not to sure, I just remeber driving on the grass to get to this group of 3 teenage boys I saw. Once I got there, I'm not really sure what happened exactly, but all of a sudden one of these teenagers got me in some kind of choke hold and took me to the ground. Like in most dreams, I became extremely angry, pretty much explosive rage took me over, and I began absolutely pounding on this guy's face with my two fists. After a couple of hard, rage filled punches I stopped and began yelling at him extremely loudly, like, you could hear the anger behind my voice, it was an intense tone and pitch, I told him to "let go" several times in this intimidating voice. He actually looked a little scared and let go, I then got up, got on my bike, and left. I went towards a stop light and got in the left turning lane. I turned and then eventually found myself on a beautiful two lane road with no traffic, there was forest on each side, and the sun was lighting up the trees and plants making them look very inviting. For some reason I was hauling ass, I mean, this road was quite curvy, and I'm guessing such a road in real life would have a speed limit of 30 mph. But in this dream I decided to try to turn one of these corners going 60 mph! I know it was 60, because I remember looking at my speedometer. I flew off my bike and probably flew a good 20 feet or so because I ended up on the other side of a small creek. I wasn't hurt at all surprisingly, I got up and remeber saying "Wow, that was crazy," or something along those lines. I got up and realized I flew over a creek and was thankful I didn't fall in because that could've been a lot worse. Once I began inspecting my situation a little more, I realized that my bike was now almost entirely submerged in the murky creek water, only the top half and the handlebars were visible. I also noticed that my phone was right on the edge of falling in, I mean it was so close to falling in it felt like just a wrong step would create enough vibration to make it fall in. I remember going up to it and right when I was about to pick it up it unfortunately fell in. Surprisingly, even though I didn't want to, I went into the water and retrieved my phone and went and got the bike which surprisingly still worked. Later on I remeber being in the creek and almost going underwater for some reason. At one point I remeber eating raw meat as well, I know that's odd, but I was, and surprisingly it tasted good despite me knowing it was unhealthy to do so.