moving to the wrong house

Date: 3/28/2017

By yotama9

Dream 1: I can't recall much, but it was about going from Holland to Belgium for the conference, as I was thought about doing. Dream 2: We were moving to a family apartment in the campus where I work, it is supposed to be one that will have a room for each child. I don't remember the move itself, but the family was already in the new home, and I was getting a new cat. The cat name was arrow (in Hebrew), and it was a small gray cub. I go to the apartment, and I sit outside for a while, either asking my wife to show me the way or just get ready. I'm going upstairs, and in the meantime there is a commercial on the radio about a service that will allow us to replace the car every year for the next ten year. I'm going to the apartment, the entrance is through a pair of sliding doors and the apartment itself has a couple bed once you enter into it and a small opening to the back of the apartment. Once I'm letting the cat down it is running through the apartment, toppling things down. I remember there was a stereo system, and a manager toy that has three silver balls in a wire frame. My wife is sort of forcing to let the cat out, and I open the sliding door but the cat tried to jump though a small hall in the blinds that is block by the net. I open the net and part of the blind and the cat is out. When I try to close the doors I see that they are curved on the upper part, and that there is a plant that is blocking the way for the door. My wife also points out that the door does fit nicely in the track. I fix the position of the door, and close it but the other open. I close it as well and it's now fine. I'm going through the back to see the children rooms and I see it is a corridor with a lot of niches and it is packed with beds there are at least 7 beds for children, and 2-3 with puppets. There are also 2 toy kitchens and the path to the real kitchen is blocked by all of this. I go through the corridor, and I'm bothered that there are no separate rooms, but I recognize that there is at least some privacy for each child in the niche. I thought specifically about masturbation. The kids (all three of them) won't go to bed and my wife is angry at them, telling them that even if we were sleeping in an old car we still need to go to bed early enough.