Dog shelter & In trouble

Date: 5/5/2017

By mysticmusic94

I had two dreams last night that I remember and they were both nightmares: 1. I wanted a dog so I went to the dog shelter to look for one. The dog shelter was one long hallway with dogs on one side and just a wall on the other and a wall at the end of the hall. As I was walking down the hall looking for a nice dog all I saw were dogs all over the place in these cages and junk. As I was making it towards the end with no desire to take any of them I noticed a glass piece was missing from one of the so called cages. There was a HUGE dog and it was fat and white with a brown spot on its fur in that cage but I didn't mind because he wasn't doing anything so I kept going. When I got to the end I turned around to go back and I saw the dog getting up and coming out of that cage with the missing glass. I then filled with fear and started to slowly walk towards the dog to get to the door. As I filled with more fear I began to go faster even though I knew I shouldn't have. All of a sudden I was know running and I ran right past the dog. The dog then started chasing me as I looked back. I then slowed down to try to make the dog be nice but it started to catch up and it automatically started biting. I grabbed something from a shelf and threw it at the dog to try and make it stop but it didn't so I started running again. After this I woke up. I was terrified... so terrified that it took me a while to fall back asleep. 2. I was in my moms house and my brother and I weren't getting along. At first I tried going to the basement to grab something but it was literally over 100 degrees down there for some reason. As I was coming back up I asked my mom why and she said that the land lord did it. I then went to my room and watched my brother from outside my door. He was watching this snake on the floor (it was a huge snake) and my cat on the chair. My brother then did something and the huge snake started bothering my cat and I got really scared. I then went over there to try and stop the snake without getting bit. My brother then started fighting with me telling me to leave the snake alone and he wasn't doing anything to the cat. I then did something bad to him (I'm guessing I smacked him) and he started crying. He ran to my mom who was getting dressed in her room after taking a shower and all I could her was her getting angry and I then knew she was going to do something to me (like hit me lmao). I then started to panic so I tried to shut and lock my door to keep my brother and mom out and because I was afraid of the giant snake. My brother then came out and kept unlocking it from the outside so then I tried to put up a second door with a better lock in front of the first one. First I couldn't get the door on there right then I realized that it was only half the door so I asked mom where the other piece was and she said she put it in the basement so I couldn't lock it or something because I was in trouble. I then ran to the basement but the farther I went down the hotter it got so I peaked over the railing and I didn't see it. I then ran upstairs and said something and she said "Oh the landlord must have taken it then." Immediately I started to have a temper tantrum and ran to my room. At the end for some reason I dressed in all white and just screamed and cried. I was sad and scared the whole dream.