Almost Got it with the Jenner Girls

Date: 2/20/2019

By Soaren28

I was talking with Kylie and Kendall in their living room. They were both gorgeous 10 out of 10. I was wearing a suit that I wore recently in real life and looked really good in it. I asked both of them if I was handsome, like “guys be honest with me, am I a handsome dude?” This is something I ask women in real life. Kylie said yes with not much else words. And for some reason I straddled Kylie and was just continuing the conversation on my hotness. I asked her about Travis and she was like “he’s ugly” she still loved him but she was just saying he wasn’t a super attractive man. (Also a boogie with a hoodie was there. I remember asking him how he goes about finding a producer like London on da track and if he asks him to produce a song, or if he hears the song and goes “we need to make lyrics to that”. That’s a side note.) Then Kendall (the one I prefer) answered. She was like “dude you’re really handsome, like really really handsome. I’d let you ....” and I remember immediately feeling like, no way this super hot popular girl likes me and would let me do things to her and maybe date her? Then for the rest of the night I was super confident and flirted up a storm with Kendall. I remember making her laugh so much and I got her to show me her boobs. We went to midweek church service that night and I kept making her laugh . Throughout the night I was composing a text saying “ tonight after church let’s do it”. And I don’t think I ever sent it. Then I slowly woke up. This is one of those dreams where you wake up just feeling a certain way, sad, hopeless.