Sales day

Date: 3/13/2019

By bunbun12

I had a dream my friend bought a Green Earth/H&M in a mall near my house. My old boss had to come in to help sales, because my friend had no idea what he was doing, to the point where price and sale signs weren't even put up. I spent the day attracting customers as a saleswoman (I was a saleswoman irl in my last job and I LOVED it), and I brought in a ton of people. The most distinct one was a girl, she came in because when she said "no" originally, I looked at her and bit my lip. She laughed and said "are you serious?" and then, realizing I caught her attention, I winked at her. Her friend started getting excited for her, saying she should go in and talk to me, and that I could be her new girlfriend. The girl ended up going in the store with her 3 friends, but didn't talk to me - but she did wave when she left.