Android SCP

Date: 8/19/2019

By DiamondPupStah

Towards the beginning, it was some sort of snake show. Someone had a very cool cobra or python or somethin, and if it bit you, its bite would burn like hell. And i mean burn /really, really/ bad. So when i was away i think the snake exploded? And everyone had to evacuate cause it was toxic. We went back, idk why, but we did. We stayed in an area that wouldn't have been effected cause we had coolers and stuff, (which btw props to my brain for coming up with buildings ive never seenfor this dream.) So we went back to a safer area, and i guess i found an android that would spread some sort of virus like an SCP from Containment Breach. So i guess i took out the android, and it was all broken, so she sent out a child boy to do it for her, but he sucked at his job and i found him all 3-4 times he went undercover and finally, we escaped that town and went to an ikea thing (I went to an ikea recently so what it looked like was still fresh in my mind) and in the parking lot i saw the two androids. The female android was still broken, and the kid was still.. the kid. I dont remember the conversation that took place before i fought them lmao. Then it faded into a more fun day with my friend afterwards, and that has nothing to do with this part so imma end it here.