this boy

Date: 2/23/2019

By MakiraB

i’m in a hotel and i’m just walking the floors but this isn’t an ordinary hotel, this is a “party hotel” / “college hotel” so it has college class rooms and a restaurant and a bar. i’m passing one of the rest rooms and i see this boy. he has dark dirty blond hair that falls like quentin’s used too and is a little bit taller than i am. he has some muscle mass, u can tell he works out. he’s a sporty nerd. he has big glasses he wears at night and is insanely cute. and he talks to me and we instantly connect so we start hanging out. i don’t know the time or time period in which this takes place or how long. so eventually we start dating. we got so close and got into a bunch of trouble. we were so close and would tell each other anything. we went everywhere together and we were falling harder for each other everyday. we were holding hands and walking around when i look over the banister of one of the top floors that looks over i to the restaurant/ bar. i look down at the bar and see my grandma (nini) and i’m like “hey that’s my grandma, come with me and u can meet her and i can see her.” so we walk down together and he meets my grandma and noel and we all y’all for a bit and they recognize he’s my boyfriend. so we start to head out and he gets yelled at by some server in the restaurant because he wasn’t at the boat stand doing his job. i guess all along he had been working there and he hasn’t been at work for a little. he got upset and went and sat at one of the table. i went after him and sat beside him. i had tried talking to him and touching him so he would look at me but he wouldn’t talk to or look at me. i was really sad and left to go some things maybe distract myself or something. i came back a little while later and he was still there. i took over his position as host to make some extra cash and i split it w him but i had his kept in a safe place bc i knew we wouldn’t accept it. everyday he came i before me and sat i. that exact spot and didn’t leave until i went on break and so i didn’t have to see him leave. his depression was taking over. by this time we hadn’t talked in about a week and a half. i hadn’t touched him or kissed him in so long so i was so tired. his family was over there at his table trying to talk to him and finally he spoke. they told me about it. they came i the next day and so i decided i was gonna go over and his family said it’s b best if i do so anyway. so go sit down beside him and his family leaves the room to give us some time and finally he looks at me and he said “i’m so sorry”. and we went into a long discussion about how i had distracted him from work but i was the best thing to ever happen to him and he said he loved me and we talked for half n hour and when our. convo was ending i decided to kiss him bc i hadn’t in so long i missed the touch of his lips. it was like our first kiss all over again. but i leaned over on him and put my head on his shoulder while he laid his head on mine. his family came over and we all stated to talk and eat. it was a good time. as the dream end, sarah walks over and sits beside me and says “what’s going on my dudes” and the dream cuts.