end of the world daycare

Date: 7/2/2019

By kenzie666

it was the end of the world and my mom was driving me somewhere. she was dodging all the holes in the ground that looked like they just went straight down to hell. they were steaming and red and they would melt your tires. i saw the youtuber drew monson on the side of the road and he was a news reporter or something. my mom drops me off at this amusement park thing but it’s in this tunnel system that was originally made for cars. there are a bunch of kids there. i ask what this place is and they tell me it’s a daycare for older teenagers. i start walking around, lookin for something to do. this employee takes me to play this game. you take a marshmallow that looks like a churro and you push it down this slide. you go against people and try to beat them. my marshmallow was so fast and i lost it when it hit the end of the slide. it rolled onto another slide game that was closed and the workers wouldn’t let me get my fast marshmallow