All hope is lost

Date: 5/26/2017

By Kitsune

So this dream actually felt like a real adventure. Maybe this was kind of a birthday present. 😁 So I was in a theme park together with a whole group. But we weren't there to have fun. We were tracking down another group. We went inside a building, and we saw a heap of coats, which meant they must be inside of this ride. So we went in as well. It was really dark inside, and it didn't matter if we would be close because there was no way we could see them. Once we got out we were missing a few people. We lost the other group, so we walked out of the park. We needed to find them again but this track we were following was long and we couldn't see them. On the way we got ambushed. Our target actually came at us now and we totally got surprised. I knew we didn't stand a chance, so I took one my hidden blades of my arm, and put it in my mouth. A hidden blade is made hidden so it looks like a regular wristband/glove, but you can extend it and that's when the knife comes out. One of my group saw that and did it as well. We were the only two left and they kept us as their prisoner. They disarmed us by taking our sword and the hidden blade on our arm. They didn't notice the one in our mouth, which was good. They were bringing us to their camp. Once we were there only two of them guarded us. We knew our target was inside. And we were outside.We had to off him. My friend signed me and at at the same time we extended the blade in our mouths and stabbed our captors. Knowing we couldn't beat an army I made up a plan (which didn't make sense at all). He would give me his hidden blade, so I had one for each arm. Then he would go inside and get captured again. For some reason I thought that they would keep him near our target, so I could save him and kill the target at the same time. He gave me his blade, we nodded, and we both ran opposite ways. I immediately regretted the plan since I ran around the corner, and a group of patrols was right there. With nowhere to go I climbed the wall, but I could see them getting closer. This wasn't good. But all of a sudden... I went through the wall. It wasn't something like slowly becoming lucid. This actually felt like a glitch in the game. I laughed but that stopped quickly. I could see through the wall since I'm inside of the map now, and why do I see... My fiend running in, trying to off the target himself. I knew he wasn't able to do that and get out. I panicked. I couldn't help him I was too far away. He ran straight at him. From that point everything felt like it went in slow motion. He had no weapons, so he ran at a guard, spun around him while unsheathing the guards knife, and sliced at our target. He noticed just in time, and dodged the strike that would've killed him. It still hit both of his eyes, and I could hear him scream from here. Then another guard entered the room. When he saw what happened he threw his spear, which went right through my friend. This angered me so much. I knew I had to avenge him. My target must die. I kept climbing the wall that was inside of. I need to get underneath the castle. I kept climbing around the place when I ended up in a room underneath the castle. It looked a lot like my parents' bedroom. My dad was there with someone else, and he wished me luck. Like he knew what was going to happen. I climbed up trough the floor, up the wall. There were guards everywhere. My target in the middle of course. I climbed the ceiling, till I was right above my target. I let go striking my target with both my hidden blades. I felt time slowing down as I hit him. It kept slowing down, until everything faded to black and I woke up. It felt exactly like an Assassins Creed game because of the hidden blades, the climbing, and the time slowing down thing when you strike your target. It make sense I guess since I recently bought a new game and have been playing it a lot.