Jensen Ackles

Date: 4/4/2017

By naturecreations

I wish I could remember everything, but I can't. I do remember we were at a party together, a wedding. He was there with his wife and twins but he was sitting on a bench behind them. I sat down remained calm and told him hi. He was really nice and smiled and continued listening. There was a part that was kind of sad and that's where they ended their speech. I asked him, to get that sad part out of the room, how his beer company was going. He said good! I know I asked him even more, but I can't remember. We had a really nice conversation. One where I wasn't afraid to ask, and it was like he was a regular person that I met for the first time but had some background on. Again this dreamscape was used again, I'm not sure if it was the same night, but the first time I saw this I fangirled and didn't say anything to him at all. After we talked I think I felt down or something so he held me the rest of my dream, and, I don't know why, he booped my nose hahaha it was a really nice dream to have though. XD