Fighting. Rape. Death. Cannibalism .

Date: 4/3/2017

By alyshacozlowsky

So the dream begins and I'm at a prom type event in a small one room building in the middle of no where. My friend's date was being an asshole so (the tough girl that I am) I decided to beat him up. He got very mad and disappeared. About 10 minutes later we hear a loud car so everyone looks out side. It's the guy I beat up and he's circling the building in his car with a gun. Everyone starts running from the building trying to get to safety. Like I said, this building was in the middle of no where, one road, lots of fields and some farm houses. As I'm running through the bushes trying to escape from the guy with the gun, I see a transport truck driving down the road. I managed to stop him and he offered me a ride back to the city. We're driving for about a half hour when we come to a halt. I look up outside of the window and there's about 30 people blocking the road. We get out and walk over and they tell us they're in a cult and that they have to kill us. They captured the trucker and I managed to run away before they could catch me. As I'm running the trucker appears again, and says to follow him because he knows where we can hide. So we're running in the Forrest together and then we stop. He shoots me with a gun and I fall to the ground. He rapes me, then shoots me again, and I feel myself die. It's black for a moment then I wake up in a field. As I walk out to the road there's a woman and her kid sitting at a picnic bench with a bunch of meat hanging from a line. I sit with them and they tell me I have to eat the meat with them. As I'm eating they tell me that I'm eating the trucker. I look back at the meat hanging and I see intestines, limbs, etc. Then I wake up.