Weird party and places

Date: 3/14/2017

By mysticmusic94

So i went to my friends party that she invited me to and we literally just fooled around. There were like 5 sets of stairs in the house so we crawled up all of the stairs trying to hide from each other. Then i stopped and went to play guitar with my friend J that was there. I also checked my phone to see if we had a snow day from school which is funny because when i woke up i actually did have a snow day. Then I was trying on clothes and this one dress didn't fit me correctly and you could see my whole chest through it. My boobs just wouldn't fit in this dress cause it was too tight and see through. I was pretty embarrassed. Then there was a part where i had to go to this huge warehouse to get a present for her but i was debating whether i should get taco bell or not because i was hungry. I then got in this weird line and ordered a taco wrap with chicken in it and two water bottles. There was also a toilet in the middle of the eating place and i had to go so i did and some lady walked by and gave me a dirty look and i was also very embarrassed about that too. I also saw my mom and brother in the warehouse shopping for presents for someone else too.