journey to crystal hill

Date: 3/3/2017

By headFeed

i went from a rust like game to travel far to a hill with crystals. it was so beautiful and i started to take pictures with my dslr camera. it ran out of batteries though so i went back to get my friends. we travelled there at night and we had to pass by base housing with lots of curfew patrol passing by. just staying still worked for them to not see us though. i charged my camera at someones house. this old lady saw it and said its hers now but i said its mine while running at it yelling my name and whats in the bag. she wasnt an asshole so she agreed and gave it back. we ran back to the entrance of the hill. i told my friends to mark the spot on their maps, like in rust. someone was about to see my friend and i whisper yelled at her to hurry. they passed by but then someone came up with intentions to hang out here. they said it calms them. we have to go through wooden obstacles to get there instead of just climbing a steep tunnel out of trees. its not difficult but everyone thinks it is. one young boy crawls up and i wait for two others to come. it takes them a long time. i forgot my camera but crawl up anyway. were cats now? and this young boy is already grown up with kids and a large family. im confused. i see the gem hill and go past. theres cats everywhere now. (i wake up extremely stiff, my eyesight has swirls and its really dark in my room cause its 6pm) (cant tell if someone tried to wake me up either. it was a really deep sleep)