Purple firecrackers and black oil

Date: 3/18/2017

By gf3425

I had a dream that was kind of like how Eren from Attack on Titan would turn into a Titan. There was one guy who would turn into this giant...thing. it wasn't a titan, but I'm not really sure what exactly be was. what would trigger his change would be if he didn't inject black oil down his spine. our whole adventure was us trying to find black oil, because it was rare. along our journey, we met a guy who had lots of black oil, but he said he would only give it to us if we gave him purple firecrackers. he was crazy for purple firecrackers. we went out and got some and he went insane. he was laughing and his eyes were bulging and he was lighting the small ones. when he got to the big one he lit it, but we couldnt agree on whether it was supposed to be upright or tilted. we all kept fighting over it until it suddenly flew into the air and landed in a backyard and exploded. there was a huge cloud of purple smoke that blew out and all I could see was purple for a second. when it went away, the purple firecracker guy went crazy laughing at the fire AMD the smoke. he gave us the black oil, but it was too late, my friend had transformed. everyone came out from their homes and were terrified. everyone was calling the police, and I was trying to tell everyone he was friendly. but nobody listened. they started yelling for him to get out and there were pitchforks and fire. I climbed up him with a syringe and black oil and I injected him and he returned to his human form. we managed to escape. we found a little girl on the trail. we asked if she was lost and where her parents were, but she remained quiet. we brought her with us because we couldn't leave her alone. we kept walking and then we stopped because it was going to be dark soon. I was setting up his black oil when all of sudden, the girl started screaming. I gave him the syringe, and ran to her. she just kept screaming and we weren't sure what was going on. then suddenly, she stopped and froze. then, sh transformed into the same thing as my friends. we stood there in awe, and then I woke up