Battle of zanzabar

Date: 2/6/2019

By jordanr1020

It started out with us loading into purple wormlike tanks ready to roll out. It was all four nations army and the avatar gang there with me. Then when we got ti leaving a giant monster that i cannot describe began chasing us. We managed to get away, but we soon realized that the tunnel we escaped too was the hidden entrance of Talon. All of us had to sneak through the entrance way to the other side. Me and some other woman lead the way as we noticed that there weremotion detectors inside the walls so we cut them all down. Towards the end we reached a dead end. Thats when this abnormally cheerful creature came down to us and bloated inside and started rolling around picking me and everyone else up. The rolling creature managed to get us right over to the edge of town to the dock we were trying to get too. I have no idea why but katara was actually earthbending a bridge for everyone as she ducked and weaved sending pieces of the bridge flying at our attackers off the coast. When we managed to get to the boat me and aang went straight at azula, which of course she dodge our attacks with a smug look on her face. Thats when i rolled my eyes and use my super speed and shoulder tackled her into the water. Thinking we had one we settled down on the boats to rest. Later that day someone escorted azula to katara, as they began talking for some reason katara changed into korra. And thats when i woke up.