Date: 2/22/2019

By emmaoftheleighs

I was living in the house that I babysit in and I had just adopted a dog. This dog was pretty independent and protective, I have no idea what breed it was but it was brown. I was in the kitchen by the back door and another dog was there with a collar and leash but no one walking it. It also had a crate that it had come in. A voice was telling me that it needed to be adopted. I opened the door and it came in and I let it sniff me and I instantly fell in love. I sat down and it came and sat on my lap. I called the other dog over and they growled at each other but then they were friends. I decided to adopt the dog even though I had just adopted one. But then I woke up with ZERO dogs and I was sad. Also at some point I was in my dorm room and I was trying to sleep (in my dream) and my roommate was cleaning under my bed for some reason and kept complaining about how dirty it was.