Cez Presents: The Arrangement

Date: 2/24/2019

By Yurilolita

I had a dream I was told by a royal English/Franco family that I was signed into an arranged marriage with one of their daughters to preserve the lineage. Since I'm royal at birth on both sides of my family (which is, true in reality) and because I was the most genetically mixed from the lineage. They had arrangements that I would marry the eldest daughter, Sophia, (who was like, 13, ew) and be married to her on her 25th birthday. But for now, they wanted us to meet and get familiar with each other, not in a weird way, but in a we're working together kinda way. Sophia, and her sisters Ophelia (10) and Blare (Blair?) (6) were all born totally blind at birth, and the family wanted me to be their interpreter and guide. Which, is a dumb idea for two reasons: because I'm also visually impaired and I am16? 17? in this dream, and not quite thrilled for marriage. I'm flown to Europe and meet the family, who is snooty, but hospitable. They are fully clothed in 1750's period clothing, which is, an entirely different era for me. Most of their mannerisms are quite older than I recognized. However, there was still a blend of modernity such as the daily thrills of tv and cars, so I'm basically stiff and awkward and unsure how to initiate, as I'm dangerously aware that either these people are a) from a different dimension or era, or b) huge enlightenment fanatics like Amish people and like dressing up. So I use as much textbook knowledge the Georgian era as possible to refer to. Ironically, my fumbling for words is considered charming to the family and they welcome me to get fitted in their clothing and join the family for dinner. I do a small, informal bow to the queen, and am fitted in the most rediculous stocking things ever. They were tight, even for my standards. And I was clothed in this burgundy and purple thing. They added a few heart spades to my discretion which, I liked. I was seated at this huge dining table with dim lighting and grandiose candles. But the food and decor was minimalistic and scarce. It was expected people were to eat everything the chef came out with before moving on to the next dish. So I fiddled with the cold split pea soup a little as the royal family asked questions about school and my personal interests. Since I was sort of a hybrid of past lives and current life, I passively aggressively answered "sewing" and "drawing" which they frowned upon, and "natural philosophies" and "bird watching" which they nodded to, which they added was "Sensitive, but sensible". I went to bed without dessert, which I was pretty bummed about, but fair because I barely got passed the soup and nuts portion of the meal. The next morning I was invited to a game of croquet, and I woke up trying to keep myself awake by texting and playing games on my phone. I wore the same attire as last, because my wardrobe was limited, and the tailors were putting together a yellow and white gaudy outfit in the process However the one problem is: I've never, ever done croquet in any existence. I vaguely know about it, but not enough to be proficient. I got to spend more time with the sisters and ask the guards how to teach me the basics as I guided the girls mallets to the ball. However, the only person invested in the game fully was me. Everyone was grumpy and cantankerous. Sophia got annoyed after she missed and walked out into the large green. I chased Sophia and told the other guards to look after Ophelia and Blair She slumped down at the top of a hill and half grumbled half sobbed. She told me she was tired of being locked in and having to obey her parents reign and hated that they controlled everything she did, including marriage. And being totally blind meant that she was completely under their thumb and she was afraid of what would happen after marriage. I agreed with her. "The future is scary and uncertain. Having controlling parents and a disability is hard for anyone to go through. But just because you with with a disabled doesn't stop you from being you everyday, yanno?" That seemed to cheer her up. However the sun came out and really messed up my dream vision Blare came over to us to see if we were ok, and we were all stuck here Sophia asked me if I could help her get back to the palace, but I admitted I couldn't really see much at all now. And being in the middle of a huge field is my arch enemy. So I ushered a guard over to go get a basket and we enjoyed a somewhat normal picnic and were escorted by the guards. I didn't get much time with Sophia after that, although she smiled a little bit more with me. The next day I cohered a plan to leave the castle with Sophia in toe. The one thing I know about princesses is that they like to sneak out, and that's what were going to do. First, I requested a super duper specific American thing from the queen in a very vague way That item was "chocolate fruity pebbles " for breakfast. I knew that if I explained it very vaguely and obscurely Americana, there would be no way for the staff to pick it out for me. I scheduled a royal car, and snuck in Sophia with me, with the proper regulations. We went to a British Stop and Shop kind of place. And when we got inside, she immediately lit up I had to interpret every label she pointed to as she giggled with delight as I tried to keep up. We went through every isle doing so until we had filled a cart full of random products. At the cash register, Sophia smiled, and said to me "Thanks. I had a great time. Thank you for doing this." And then I began to unravel. Things became blurred and blurry. And then I woke up.