Marauders from HP and old family friends (except not, of course)

Date: 8/27/2017

By raychul

The first thing I remember is biking down Iowa St during a lightning storm. I am traveling towards the city but first heading towards the co-op where everything is a bit off, it's a downsized version where everything was discounted and they looked like they were under construction. I was looking for a snack and couldn't find anything that tasted good. I was participating in this intense live action RPG where the cast of characters was the Marauders from Harry Potter but I don't believe I was playing any of them. I was in this hotel room and had to leave out the window to find Wormtail and Padfoot. Someone opens the window and encourages me outside which reveals the ocean. I go out the window and swim up, my head above water quickly. there is no sight of them but someone calls me back and says they returned. I duck back into the water and go outside. Now there's just me, my family, and this one guy who I believe was playing Moony. I was trying to flirt with him but he was not interested and kind of snobby. My parents are not in character but I and Moony somehow still are. My parents say we have docked (we've been on a boat) and we are somewhere in England, we are going to explore and sight see. My family leaves, and I try to make small talk with Moony, I ask him how long he's been studying in college, and I realize we are probably close to the small age. He gives a small non-committal answer and leaves abruptly. I leave the hotel room and hear this mom and daughter on the phone with the dad/husband and they are calling him out on some kind of infidelity. I leave the hotel and the family and Moony are waiting in a car. I get in the car, in the usual family arrangement, but Moony is in the seat next to me and has his headphones on. We are driving around, trying to stay in character, but i break because I can't come up with stuff on the fly. Mom replies that is what she is best at and comes the most easy to her. We arrive at our destination and I recognize it as the Herman's, an old family friend from Illinois. My sister is overwhelmed with the prospect of meeting old friends she doesn't know, but I confidently move towards the house. There's a tall (like 7 ft) black man standing outside the house that I recognize from my childhood that I don't actually know in real life. We exclaim that is has been so long and that we can't believe we are seeing each other. Sister is really awkward and tries to do some sort of complicated handshake with him, but he is patient with her and offers just a normal handshake. The outside of the house is pretty small and has these colorful paintings of cartoon animals or something. I knock and walk inside, but my parents think that's rude. We walk inside the house and it's enormous. There are so many people and it looks more like a store than a home. There are old family friends and people from earlier in the dream, but not the hosts. We walk through the kitchen and into the living room which is grand and I recognize it from my childhood, even though it doesn't look like their home at all. Mom notices that a hand made blanket on the couch looks like hers and says that someone stole her pattern. She tries to play it off but is upset and I roll my eyes. We walk down the hallway, now it's just me and Dad. We get to this big room that I can tell the host is in and encourage dad to walk into. He hesitated and I realize why - it's a room that looks like a clothing store and there are several women in there in robes because it's some sort of spa. This is the first indication that this "home" is actually some sort of tourist attraction. We walk back and run into all kinds of old family friends from Illinois, I recognize them but they aren't really what they look like. I see my new roommate, and a line begins to form as we enter this amusement park. It's pirate themed and there are these narrow hallways which I'm nervous my roommate will struggle with. I see that the elevator up to the restaurant and actual ride/park makes some sort of notice that there is old Nazi carvings in the stone of the elevator shaft. I feel like that was weird but thoughtful of them to give people a heads up. But then I notice that they've incorporated the nazi symbols into part of the outdoor decoration of the elevator in this kitschy way to show its age and history and I am disappointed in the Herman's for doing this. We begin to walk through tight hallways to the restaurant and I realize I remember attending before because there is a picture of the lead singer of my favorite band dressed up as a pirate and I remember that before.