Don't Call Me!

Date: 6/13/2019

By Jade_Shadow13

This time, my dream actually scared me. I woke up drowsily in a house that belonged to a friend of my mom's. Then suddenly my phone started to vibrate constantly, exploding with unread messages from an unknown number. Someone started texting me, spamming the most random texts ever. Every text was filled with different combinations of numbers. Not even a second later, another was intantly sent. It was sending text after text with just number combinations. It didn't seem humanly possible to type so many numbers --each being a different combination than the next at THIS much speed. On normal circumstances I'd just assume that a programmed bot was doing all this. But I felt that it wasn't the case... my phone felt warm and... ALIVE. Soon it started demanding me to share it's number. Switching from number combinations to repeating the same scary demand: "SHARE MY NUMBER" I was in bed alone, it was still dark and for some reason no one was home. It only continued. Harassing me, saying, '"You wont get arrested for sending numbers." It freaked me out.