High School Reunion

Date: 8/16/2017

By fiftyshadesofpissedoff

I'm walking around what seems to be my middle school building. But instead of having just two floors, it has many many more. For some reason me and my classmates from high school (but someone from middle school too) are wandering around looking for a toilet and a shower. But all the bathrooms are closed shut, probably because we are in there very late, and we don't know what to do. We keep on walking and walking, going up and down, talking to janitors that really don't care until we find a substitute teacher. We talk to her and manage to convince her to open the teachers bathroom for us. It's huge, yellow, has many toilets and two huge showers. We get in, some of us including me go to the toilets, some begin to take a shower but a janitor catches us red-handed. She gets really angry, telling us to get out and that were very bad for luring a new teacher into doing what we want. So we get out and begin to walk up the stairs. As we're doing this, the dream changes. I'm not downstairs, in front of the entrance, but this time this same building isn't the school anymore, but one of classmate's ( Giulia) house. Some other classmates gather around me and we begin to walk up the stairs. We're having a reunion but as I enter the living room I notice that there are very few of them. I'm kinda saddened but at the same time I know that these are the ones that really care. We talk, eat, drink and have fun until at some point the floor we're in catches on fire. We freak out and start to run down the stairs, until we reach a small villa beside the building we were in, which apparently is part of the same house because we find Giulia's mom and brother there. We tell her what's happening and she calls the firemen. I don't remember what happes in the next part, I have vague memory of us going to the garden outside and finding wolves and such. But then again the dream morphed into something else. I'm now at a supermarket with, again, a friend and my dad. We wander around collecting things we need and then start shopping for make up. Me and my friend go to pay the things we bought and the cashier compliments us for the choices in make up. The cashier is actually a make up guru I follow: Tati Westbrook. And we invite her back to our house where we begin to use our products. I remember having bought a purple primer that I started to apply and looked amazing. Then we all begin with foundation, and as I look in the mirror my reflection is pretty fucked up, but my mind didn't understand I was in a dream somehow. As I am wiping my make up off because my reflection looks so bad, I wake up.