Killer Rave in Ikea?

Date: 6/22/2019

By sarahlane

& I mean killer literally. The dream starts with me in Ikea shopping but then the registers close and the huge doors to exit close with metal barriers and then the screaming starts in certain portions of the store. The lights go dark except for a couple red emergency lights and I catch glimpses of these giant horrifying dinosaur predator-like creatures and hide in a clothing rack. The ikea weirdly had portions that are also like a department stores with clothes too. Over the course of the dream, I don’t remember eating once, but I’m sure I was in the place for almost 48 hours. So I was starving and had narrowly escaped death several times but watched many people die when they focused on trying to outrun or fight the creatures instead of moving quietly from hiding spot or hiding spot. There was a very short period of time (maybe. 30 sec to a minute) where the animals would be gone and if you could run to the door and leave then you’re out and safe. So people starting making their hiding spots closer and closer to the doors sot head have a chance to make it. I made it because I found a scooter but there was a group behind me that tried to run and the doors closed behind them. I step out and throw my scooter to the ground all triumphant when I realize there’s a huge group of people outside waiting to go in for “the rave” and there are bouncers telling them “the next round will start soon.” They’re all staring at me weird as if I left the “rave” high and drunk instead of fighting for my life. The doors open people flood in, I desperately yell to stop them and grab some guy by the shoulders and plead not to go in. He stares at me super hard but then deeply kisses me and tells his boys he’ll catch up with them later and I’m in such a daze that I lead him out of the group back towards the parking lot. I realize we’re in the middle of a literally nowhere. We drive to his place and I tell him what really happened in there, we become allies and plan to go back and save people.