I don't sleep: I dream innumerable dreams. (Black Limo)

Date: 7/15/2017

By TheNagual

I was driving the black limo from two night ago, there was a women who was throwing up black vomit as we were driving. She threw up numerous times in sequence. I was inside a large multi story housing type area, except jungle gym like. Ana was there, she had slept with B and I went out to beat him up. I found him and went up a fast moving platform and starting punching him. He said he loved her in the clearest voice, and I stopped. I felt as though this was me at one point and I sympathized with him. Inside my house I craped my pants spontaneously, then I just let the rest go and it was relieving. Then I realized it was because I took E. then I was outside and felt it kicking in. There was a man who had set up an umbrella and was basking in the rain storm. I talked with him a lot and I purposely got myself wet in the rain. There was a dragon, ready to kill a group of women and youngsters on my account. I stopped him and comprised a deal with him. I separated the women and children, which resembled red popcorn in contrast with the yellow. Soon all the blood stain popcorn was separated and I give him the go ahead. Inside a super Walmart, James needed water. I look out into the store, the store went on for miles and the sight was truly great. Me, K, Jak, and Ric? Inside the black Limo. They got me high and we drove out to golf. It as dark and the roads were beautiful white tiles. I was high and the environment lit up with euphoria. After some time we split up, we stopped and we pointed out down towards a park with a secret entrance. I went down on my own and parked my black limo. I went to investigate the mysterious bathroom area. There were legends that this was a secret area and once conducted drug trades. I had the key the opened the lock and went inside. There was one more door that led into the underground but I was stopped by a voice. There was a man over an intercom and told me I was being watched and to go back. I left and walked back out the gate and ran into a few curious hoodlums. I told them what happened and wished them luck on going inside. As I walk back the area turns to dark and hundreds of people, mostly youngsters show up. They were now all crowding the secret area. I was trying to leave and ran into a few people. A women comes after me as I get into my black Limo and she asks me about my knowledge concerning this place. I tell her I was around when it first started and that it was originally just a linkage from the one lakeside to the other. The area was extremely dusty and she gave me directions for exiting.