School shooting

Date: 5/4/2017

By obeydream

(Background) Okay, my worst fear is a school shooting, it just gives me an anxiety just to think that students in that situation is horrible. Okay so let's start this dream. (Dream started) So I was in the lunch line getting food with my friend and we both had gotten a chicken sandwich. We had got the sandwich and we went to go walk around and a fight had happened between 2 freshman girls. And we had to break up the fight. Once we had broken up the fight we had heard fun gun shots. There was a bald Man with a gun and started to shoot the kids. Everybody had ran, and kept pushing me, I had followed my friend but just when we had split up, we had went our both ways. I had went outside and it was raining ☔️, I had started to cry but people had told me that there were snipers around the school (they were not police) we had go back inside, we were hostage until the night time, I was with a kid (friend) that had a gun that he took from the shooters and was with us, he didn't shoot first or he will start a big war. So then I had woke up, my heart is beating so fast, I was sweating so bad that I was scared to move.