Being funny

Date: 6/25/2017

By Chaco

It started in the lunch room at work. Everyone was sitting with people they love to joke around with. So was I. Then I started to talk about this person that I worked with that was randomly let go from his job. As I continued talking about this person my manager popped out of nowhere on top of bookshelf that was next to our table. "Hi" he said looking directly at me as if I shouldn’t be talking about this person. I replied with a "oh hey whats up, whats happening". Even though he’s my boss I talk casually to him because im comfortable working with him. He replies can you follow me for a sec. I say goodbye to the table and start walking to my boss but as I turn the corner of the room he is way way far than I expected to be. I had to chase him down, he turned into another corner and as I turn the corner as well I look back up as soon as I stop running. My manager changed into my other manager that I worked with which was a women. I see her but then I try to warn her about a big truck that was passing by. She couldn’t hear me but the truck driver saw my panic and stopped just in time so when my manager kept walking he just bumped into the truck. I finally caught up with her. She directed to me into this room and said "you'll be staying here no". I walked through a glass door into a long zig zagged hallway ending in a room with a bed and some furniture. I was confused but decided to drop into the bed and just lay there face up in confusion. Then a big black creature with a bright white smiled face showed up. Slowly creeping in. I jumped up and started to see if I can deface this creature and surely enough it was just a person in disguise. What’s the deal, I replied to this person. He told me to follow him. We go pass this hallway and into this big lounge. They tell me they took us here because this is where funny people are going to stay. I just said ok and took it as it is. I see a book on a table and decided to look through it. It was a food and items catalog. The items were heavily priced. I make a small joke about it and everyone laughed. Then I decided to walk out and just take a stroll. But then soon someone came up to me and tried to start something. Surely he found out about the people staying in the room. He continued talking and started to make some small jokes hoping that can access the room as well. But I just walk back into the room. He tried to peak through the glass but couldn’t, screaming how I didn’t deserve to be into that room. I just ignored him and waited in the room seeing what is waiting for us. Later the women manager came by and told us all to follow her. We walked out for a few seconds and then the manager rushed us back inside the room. We asked why what’s going on. She said that her boss is passing by and what he doesn’t know is that the room exists and he must not know it does. While waiting inside we just see this big black mass of shadow passing by the other side of the door. I wake up.