Best friend Reshiram

Date: 7/30/2019

By BlackyyIzatu

It started in a bus, I was minding my own business when everyone decided to take away all of my Pokémon, amd give me a single normal Pokéball to catch a started for myself. They hoped I'd try catching something like a Lucario or a Pikachu, since they were impossible to catch as starters (in the dream). One of the possible starters was Reshiram, which I knew was in the bus, so I surprised everyone throwing the Pokéball at it, catching it, and quickly breaking out and flying on it towards my destination. I immediately fell in love with it since it's extremely cute. We decided to scout the are for something, so we flew around for a few minutes, until my Reshiram noticed something in a canyon. It landed and started sneaking, but once something scared it, it quickly fled, but was unable to fly anymore. I tried calming it down, but it did nothing. And then I woke up.