Date: 5/20/2017

By tz628

In this dream a group of people, it looked like a group of students and myself were going on a trip. We were going to stay in a set of islands. They looked gloomy and the resort where we were staying was a series of buildings atop mountains on the islands. Before arriving there we were taken to a local school where a singer was putting on a show. Somehow I find myself sitting on the bleachers next to the singer. It's someone I don't recognize outside of my dream. After the show people are still there trying to talk to her and she and I strike a conversation. We apparently became fast friends. A friend of mine is also in this dream. He's trying to get the singer (her name is never mentioned) to listen to his music (I don't think he actually makes any in real life) and she does listen to it but tells me it's not very good but has potential. He wants to take her out but she won't do it. The dream then shifts to a group of us being taken to the islands in various vans. I see myself sitting on the corner seat at the back next to a girl and on her other side is another girl. I make a comment about the islands and she makes a not interested face. I go back to looking at the islands and see the resort we will be staying at. Upon arrival we are taken to a dining room. The plane is completely amazing and really elegant. We are met by a woman who explains the rules (I don't remember them) except that we were going to be assigned rooms. While having diner we see in another room through the open door, a man who is a custodian at the resort. He doesn't speak. At the dining room I hear a friend speak badly about my aunt and the person sitting next to me, a guy, gets upset and tells the other guy to not speak about her that way. I also get upset and tell him that I loved him like a brother but she was my aunt and he should watch how he spoke about her. We are all dismissed for the night. The dream then cuts to all of us being taken to a boat that will take us into the city. Once there I am in a market where I leave my stuff on a table and see an older woman trying to take my stuff to sell at her tent. I take my stuff and all of a sudden it's dark and I am on a car giving a tourist a ride into the downtown area while I go look for a restaurant where I was looking for the singer from the beginning of the dream. I am walking in a small corridor with restaurants on either side and by this point I somehow have the knowledge that the singer is dead but I'm still looking for her. By now I am wishing I could go back to my friend, the only one I actually recognize in this dream, because I lost the only other friend I had in this dream. That's where the dream ends.