Brentwood and going home with friends

Date: 5/28/2017

By babygirlevie

Was at Brentwood but also at home not the boarding school part and the first part I had classes and stuff then after a bit I had this one class with ms gittos where we did an experiment and there was a tray of different stuff and you had to see which you could keep in your mouth and I was in charge of picking the order so I was st the front and meg was also there and the first two I spat out because they tasted like earwax but the third was a sparkly blue gel like paste and I tried really hard but it was so disgusting it made you heave Then I was going home from Brentwood and there were lots of people from home and Canada like Charlotte James manessis tara will and a few randoms. We got off this huge ferry and were walking along like an airport until we got to some escalators going down and along and they were very far so I was chatting with Charlotte and for some reason I had to tell this Asian girl standing next to James up ahead that her hair was nice it was pink and yellow like strawberry lemonade and matched her outfit. So I have to dodge people and get to her and tell her and then I realise I have to tell Tara too who is with will so I get further ahead and there was more to this scene but I can't remember it. Anyways next we are all cycling home and we're spread out but the Asian girl is closest behind me. I go down the hill on pier street and I'm in the middle of the road and my bike just falls right over and I realise what's happening and stay as limp and still as I can and it doesn't hurt and I land on the middle strip without cars so it's perfect and I run across to he other side and get back on my bike and take off. It wasn't embarrassing and only one old man saw and watched as I pushed off the opposite direction to him. As I'm riding I notice the girl has caught up to me a bit more. We get to like a terminal or something but it looks like the yacht club and after everyone has arrived and I tell jack and the Asian girl about falling I see dexter there and he's just finished his marathon. (That is today outside my dream). I shout to everyone that he's just finished a marathon because I'm so proud and excited but I shut up because I want everyone to like him and I'm making a bad impression by being so impressed. So I just hug him and we stay like that a long time and I was running my fingers over his neck. After that I was walking along this muddy dead grass path and the sky was very grey and dad was there and we were jusy talking but it was a really nice conversation and then he brought up being sick and asked about the bin in the study which apparently was sticky like indirectly asking about bulimia but I shut him right down but then he said well it could be your sister but why are the two of you so weird around food and control and being submissive and all this stuff and I couldn't really deny him there so I just said I don't know I don't know why and I don't know why both of us are like this but it's not to do with you and mum it's not how you raised us or anything and then I jumped over this fence in the road. After that I think Dhivyen and I were together and we ate red velvet cake?