A awkward coach journey

Date: 6/21/2017

By awalker406

I was on a coach, filled with other people, going somewhere, I didn't know. Some of the people I knew were scatter around on the coach. They was this film that was playing on a small tv monitor, of where two business corp. people were trying to scam two other business people, who only had a small business, for pure greed. Every character felt robotic is some way, it was strange and uncanny. Also the film went on for ages and ages. There were times where I would just look out the window and watch the beautiful sunset. We enter a very long tunnel and the long winded climax was about to reach its peak in the film. The smaller business men found out what the corp. was up too. So somehow they manage to made a deal with their rivals and they couldn't believe it when the corp. men found out at a dinner party. They looked the biggest fools in the room. They left with their hands on their face. Even tho I felt the film was long and boring, I had a overwhelming satisfaction of the final conclusion. The coach exits the tunnel. I look out the window and the beautiful sunset is still there, montionless. I'm wondering where this journey will take me. My phone starts going off. A message from Amanda. A smile beams on my face, like a child in a sweet shop, as I read her message. We start exchanging messages; some funny, some deep conversations. We start adding each other on hundreds of different apps and share pictures, ideas, etc. Then I see a paper on a small table, were I'm sat. It's a poem about how time is fragile. The conversation between us turns awkward, as we ask different questions to each other with no answers. I put my phone down on the table and look out the window. The sun has gone but still the red Horizon and light still remains. Then this half naked arrogant, who's has a towel wrap around his hip, appears next to me, just laughs he's head off before taking my phone and starts throwing it to other people on the coach. As I'm desperately trying to reclaim my phone, everyone on the coach is laughing. "I just want this to end", I thought to myself. The phone went back to the arrogant guy and he made a sly comment. I reacted very angerly by punch him in the throat. Everyone was stunned what I did. He stop laughing and froze, with a shock surprise look on his face. The coach stop. I knew I was exiled from that moment onwards. So I got my things including my phone and left. As I step off the coach, a necklace with a sliver ring fell out from my bag. I picked the neckless up and place it in my pocket. Then I continue my journey by foot, alone.