Purchase car, M choosing me

Date: 9/16/2019

By Yeraz

Bought a car just like M’s. I said I’m choosing this one because he’ll know how to help me if anything goes wrong with it; passerby said they used to have that car, that it’s a great car. New baby toys new in packaging were in it at my feet of the driver’s seat I was sitting in. It seemed there were so many toys as I tried to pick them up and put them in the passenger seat so I could drive. Girl liked M and kept saying she wanted to meet him. I told someone to tell her he has a gf but she apparently didn’t care. When we saw her, she seemed to be someone that knew him from before, either from high school or something. She seemed kinda weird/crazy. M said he doesn’t like her and placed a small stone/gem on top of my head, as if to say he chooses me.