Back to school party

Date: 8/13/2017

By girldynamo

I went back to my high school for a beginning of the year party to drop off a present in the faculty lounge, and promptly lost the friend i was with. Soon it was nighttime, and I ended up just wandering around the school because I couldn't find my car and didn't want to walk around the dark parking lot because people I talked to kept saying, "I wouldn't do that, I don't want to get murdered." Here's some stuff that was at this party: almost the entire cast of high school musical, just chilling (Corbin bleu smiled at me); a cool arcade; a room that was just full of deep sea flora and fauna, but it was dark except for the glowing aquarium labels so I didn't get to see anything cool. Near the end of the dream I ended up in this room with a door that led outside to a sort of long balcony that would take me to the last part of the school I hadn't checked out. There was just, like, a Russian guy there hanging out, and he helped me figure out that the door was magically booby trapped so that if you opened one half of the door, there would be venomous snakes on the balcony, but if you opened the other half, it would just be cold. Yeah, okay, dream logic. I ran across the balcony and blew him a kiss goodbye (this was a really heterosexual dream, by my standards), and then I found myself in a room where Amy pohler and Julia Louis dreyfuss were sleeping on couches, apparently after giving a comedic/educational presentation on Ancient Greek and roman societies. That's when I woke up, and as I was waking up I thought, "thank god, I found some adults who can help me find my car." Also as I woke up, I realized I could have just slept in the school like everyone else was, because dream!me is dumb as shit.