Date: 1/18/2017

By bear

I only remember snippets of the dreams. In one I was visisiting my old college with my aunt. She was taking me to a surprise show , we made our way to Macy center where one of her friends would drive us to the music venue. We took a right at a path that was more mature and less suburban. This guy came up to us. He was dirty and poor possibly living in the woods. He was threatening. He began chasing my aunt. I ran after them and he turned around and started chasing me. I was running quickly, but what helped me get away was that I flew above him and was able to grab his hair and push him down. I know remember some background knowledge in the dream that people like this were trying to make money off the success of the towns somehow. In another my first boyfriend Calvary was with me. I remember being in a car. We traded an old tape that had some importance for a converter that played music in the car. I remember trying to convince the person we traded that it wasn't a fair trade and he should return it to us later. Then we drove to Calvarys house. On the way there I see decorative people on the road in front of people's houses like they were set up for Halloween. Some were moving like they were dancing and there were real people walking among them. I guess it was a day of celebration. Also on the way to his house we saw people getting their cars detailed. One mom and daughter using a tiny paint brush to get the cracks of the doors. We got to Calvary's house and he went inside. There were a lot of people hanging out outside. Some I greeted like I hadn't seen in a while. A dog dyed pink and an eccentric guy following him in a coat that matches the dogs fur. I found my lost pack of clove cigarettes in the car because I could see them from where I was sitting on the passenger seat. I took one out to smoke it but it was old and falling apart.