Date: 4/23/2017

By Savannah

the first part was my friend and i trying to escape a woman who wanted my friend dead. we had to climb and run through this maze of a building that was actually my friends ancestors home that the woman had turned into some high society golf ring. i had to dial 911 and until they arrived i had to hide and disguise my friend from her. in the end the police arrived and shot the woman who had become a crazed psychopath. the next part of my dream i played the character of a mage who had been banished to another dimension where my i was the only person who had memories of my past life and those around me. i was there ti try ti save my elder brother from marrying a wicked noble woman who was planning to have him killed then run of with his fortune. it began with me waking up ti the sound of knocking at my door. i opened it. and saw that it was my brother and in my excitement i hugged him and the lady. he was very confused but thanked me for having built his new home. i had no recollection of dping this and apparently im this new realm i was a mage who could build houses.(lol) when i noticed the woman with him i stepped back and frowned. they continued to thank me and asked if i would be attending their wedding. i looked at them shocked the cut them off and offered some tea. we all sat down and i bluntly asked why he was marrying her. he said the typical that he was the love of his life and i jist stared. they left after a bit thanked me and hoped for me to be at the wedding. i left after they did and went in search of the rest of the royal family and court. i met some interesting people on my way including a girl who turned into a mermaid in a bath tub with an orange and yellow tail with peachy accents. at some point i was like an artist or something but i cant remember much of it just that someone wanted a bunch of five minute drawings from me and then insulted my art form.