Orphanage, river in canyon, bright bedroom

Date: 5/7/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

Swept down a river (edit: the river had something to do with after the orphanage and before the civilization in the canyon). Then in an orphanage, where there was usually only one kid but now there were three so I'd have to sleep in a loft in the rafters. Also, I was a young boy, and my actual self wasn't there but I was following his story as if it were my own, not in his eyes, but right next to him. I remember thinking that he was more attractive, nice, and like-able than the boy in the French movie. I'll refer to him as myself for a clearer narrative of this. I remember going up to the door to knock on it, and being let in. Also the part where 50,000 people of a certain society were wiped out using strange sticky white substance because the females weren't allowed to speak, just sign language, and apparently that was a good enough reason. They lived in a John Carter-like environment like the Grand Canyon with a river running through it, just less deep. Also a different part of the dream, I was in my room on a MacBook laptop and Zach was suddenly talking really loud about some creepy or weird nonsense. Then I saw him laying on the floor near my door with his eyes open and looking at me. My room was very bright, as if there were no trees to block the sun at all. I remember thinking at that point about the earlier part of my dream, the part where 50,000 people had been exterminated. I was either researching about that or wasting time on my laptop. I remember thinking it was 1am and I should go to bed now, even though it was sunny. I was sitting on my built in table with my feet on the ladder of my loft bed, with my back to the window, and still on the laptop. When I woke up I thought about how weird it was that I dreamed about wasting time on my laptop, but then I remembered all the previous more weird dreams. The part with Zach (sleep-)talking was probably the closest I was to being lucid.