a throwing the ribbon

Date: 2/12/2017

By Rainbowinsight

Gwendo said she would meet me I was in a man or house like TreeTops Hotel but much bigger. I ran round to the front where cars were parked on the street but she was not there I ran around the side of the manor on the grass towards the back a woman was there they were having a competition throwing objects up to see how high on the wall they could get they were trying different methods to get higher when it was my turn I ran close to the building and threw what appeared to be a roll of materiali it landed just beaneath the roof line. But above the windows near the top the material stuck to the wall and the material inravelled like a long ribbon all the way to the ground it was white and very thin material. The woman said Charles wins again I said yesssss put my right arm in the air and pulled it towards me with clenched fist in a victory gesture.