Sky Gambling and A Sniper Mission

Date: 7/21/2017

By SHeesch26

There are 3 blackjack tables set up on the rooftops of some random building in a city (near a river and a suspension bridge?). Brock, Krahn, and I are all playing at one table and suddenly I start getting hot. There's not many blackjack, some really high numbered game that's basically "Odd or Even", and a couple other options at each table. At one point, I have hit something great on the Odd or Even and the dealer starts passing me dozens of blue chips, varying in size, and some fall towards Sam Schw. As I go to pick them up, Brock and Krahn are counting my chips and I have somewhere between 50-80 chips are varying sizes and colors. I stand back up and Brock moved to another table. Switching gears, I'm suddenly mid-mission of an army video game, that shares qualities of Shadows of Mordor (beasts being helpful in the fight anyway), at night. So I'm crawling up this tower with Krahn (?) and at the top there's one enemy soldier that requires a stealth kill. Done. From our post, we can see the enemy plan unfolding: where the hostages are and where to attack. I take a light machine gun and start to unload on a protected shooter who had his back turned. Open fire season! Then... the mission resets at checkpoint: I'm at the base of the same tower except it's daytime. I'm crawling up the tower to stealth kill everyone but I get to the top and fail completely at the stealth part, becoming fully seen by the 15+ soldiers at this post. I get down to 2 or 3 soldiers before the dream ended.