Date: 2/22/2017

By druyan

I'm at this beautiful Florida Wildlife preserve. its overcast and cool, the trees are almost bare with Spanish moss covering them. I'm appreciating the view of the wetland when my bio dad appears out of no where. in real life, I haven't seen him in 2 years. he looks terrible. his cheeks are sunken, hes pale and his hair is long and unkempt. he tells me he's been living at the preserve because the prison ran out of room. my relationship with him is strained, but I feel terrible that I hadn't known. I get out my phone to call my lawyer. this is ridiculous and inhumane to make a human being, regardless of if their a criminal, live outside like an animal. and to not notify their family?! I give my dad my lunch while I'm on the phone. then out of nowhere, a snake falls from an overhead tree and lands on him. he screams that it's a rattlesnake and it bit him. I rush him to the car and for some reason the fucking thing wont go over 30. it eventually starts to go faster, but all the closet hospitals are closed. it was honestly so frustrating. we finally get to a hospital and they wheel him off. I can't go in with him, so I start exploring the hospital a bit. it's an old Catholic hospital with beautiful Gothic architecture. it's creepy, but eventually they discharge my dad and he's fine and I wake up.