Date: 3/9/2019

By GateKeeper

I must've been making some sort of house in Minecraft, with my little sister at my side, when night began to fall. A metal synth looking thing emerged from the floor and we hid in the basement, but we had to come up and face it. Later, I ended up in "prison", which was really just my school with extra accommodations. I met up with my girlfriend, and talked about the madhouse of the place. Kids fighting over chex mix packs n such. So I decided best plan was to find a way to entertain them. I went to the common room, and did stupid little skits with my friends which became hugely popular. Eventually we were performing in front of the entire school. After that, I was in my current house, family and friends all there. My English teacher was there, and collapsed suddenly. We called for an ambulance but none ever came, and my friends faces began to peel away to reveal rotten facial tissue, but they seemed absolutely fine.