so tired

Date: 1/31/2017

By vicious_cupcake

I haven't sleep for awhile, since a big project for school came up. But within the last 5 hours I finally got sleep....I regret sleeping though. I woke up in a graveyard surrounded by human bones, as any normal human. I screamed and jumoed to my feet, outside the graveyard I saw a town not to far. Avoiding the bones I made it to the gate and got out of there. While walking to the town I felt like someone was watching, I didn't turn around I just started walking faster. The felling didn't go away so I started running. I heard footsteps running after me, I quickly slid to a stop and turned around. There was nothing there, I slowly turned back around and started walking again. But the felling didn't leave, soon when I reached the town I saw that it was in ruins. I stopped and looked for any life, there was none. I turned to leave when everything went dark, I had felt pain rush to my head. when I woke up I was in a old looking room, a man in a dirty lab coat was standing at the end of the metal table I was on. I tried to sit up but I was tied down to the table, "what's going on?" The man just stared at me before speaking "how are you alive?, who are you?, why didn't they eat you?" I was so confused what he was talking about. "My name is Jessica, and what do you mean how am I alive?, and who was going to eat me?" he shoke his head and sighed "monsters came to this land and started eating every human, I found you at my old town, you should have been eaten....I left you there for a full day while the monsters wandered around your body. never going up to you, like they were scared." "so WHO are you?" he had placed his hands on the table glaring at me, yet I still was confused by all this. "I'm just a normal girl, who wants to go home. I don't belong here, I'm sorry about you town but holding me here won't do anything." He just rolled his eyes before looking at my like a prize, walking around the table he pulls out chains and chains my wist together before letting the leather staps off my wrist. "I have a theory" pulling my off the table he dragged me outside and shoved me to the ground. Pulling out a knife he cut my arms and legs, smirking he then walked back to the mini home he was keeping me in and watched from the window. I wanted to cry out in pain but I felt nothing, I heard a stick snap from close by causing me to jump. Looking to what made the sound I saw a deformed hellhound walk up to me. Sniffing me it opened it mouth as if to bite me, but insted it just licked my wounds. Crying out the beast seemed to be hurt at seeing me hurt, I couldn't help but smile. The man looked pissed at me and came outside with a gun to kill the beast. I started to move against the chains on my wrist, trying to get the beast to run. It looked from me to him before standing infront of me ready to attack him. Point the gun at me he was right about to pull the trigger when the hellhound attack and killed him. Soon coming over to me it bit off the chains without hurting me, I stood up and looked at the mans corpse. I said nothing but just pet the hellhounds head, it seemed to enjoy it. The hellhound walked over and tripped me so I fell on its back, holding on it ran off into the woods. I felt calm and safe, I layed my body flat against its back, thinking of bringing the hound to my guardian as a friend. I fell asleep soon after, only to wake up in my bed (real life) and feel pain in my arms and legs when I was cut. I thought I heard a howl outside my house, and I jumped up to look outside but I saw nothing, but the first thing that came to my mind was the hellhound. What did these dreams mean?