Digital art, A group of customers visit Freddy's apartment in search of film for outdated cameras while a young boy recklessly rides his Big Wheel, causing carpet damage.

Grandmas’s apartment, different residents

Date: 6/5/2023

By Purple

In my dream, Janice and Freddy were living in Grandma’s apartment by Parkchester. The living room had the same furniture arrangement. There were two customers by the apartment door, doing business with Freddy. He was waiting for both of them and they happened to show up around the same time. One of the men had pink nails. I don’t know if that was the natural color or if they were painted that way. I found myself judging that and hoped they were the natural color of his nail bed. He came over to buy film. Moments before the pink nail bed man was to buy the film, I had asked Freddy if his film was small format, because it reminded me of the medium format camera used by the wedding photographer I worked for. I’ve never seen a small format camera, but guessed by its small and sleek design and silver body. He opened the backing where I could see the film goes. It appeared to only hold one frame of film at a time that slid in from the top and was square shaped. Yet I couldn’t figure out how to insert the film without exposing it to light, but it didn’t phase Freddie at all, since he’s been doing it for decades. The next man walked up to the entrance of the apartment for his transaction. I didn’t pay much attention to this one as I was still fascinated by the history behind the last one and the small format camera’s history, which I was hoping to hear more about. After both transactions, a kid under the age of 6, was riding a Big Wheel up and down the living room. The wheels were larger and dirtier on this toy than they are in real life. They appeared to be tires from an actual vehicle with a motor. This was ruining the carpet completely. I felt bad but also didn’t know how to convince the little boy to stop his destructive behavior. Freddie simply told him to stop. But then I reinforced it by making it a game, and led him by the handle bars up the ramp to the top, which was the entry area to the living room. The carpet appeared to lose its elasticity with all the back and forth of the Big Wheel. Immediately after, I brought Freddy’s camera collection back to its proper location and I double checked if my guess was correct. It was. It was by the corner of the sofa, closest to the window and in front of the small table beside the sofa. It was where Grandma kept her manual sewing kit. Dream ends.

AI generated interpretation This dream seems to be related to your past, specifically your childhood memories. The apartment of your grandmother, where Janice and Freddy are living, could represent a place of comfort and familiarity. The fact that there are different residents in the apartment suggests that things have changed since you last visited or lived in the area. The customers in the apartment, specifically the man with pink nail beds, may symbolize your inner desire to judge others based on their appearance. This could be a reflection of the pressure you feel to conform to societal norms. However, your hope that the nail bed was a natural color suggests that you are aware of the unfairness of such judgments. Your fascination with the small format camera and its history could represent your interest in preserving memories or your desire to hold onto the past. However, your confusion about how to insert the film without exposing it to light could represent your fear of making mistakes or not being able to preserve memories correctly. The child on the Big Wheel could represent your inner child who is seeking attention and freedom. The fact that the wheels on the toy were larger and dirtier than they are in real life could indicate a desire to experience things on a grander scale. Your attempts to control the child's actions by turning it into a game suggests that you may feel a need to take control of situations in your life. Finally, the camera collection being in its proper location could represent the completion of a task or the resolution of a problem. The location of the camera by the corner of the sofa, closest to the window and in front of the small table beside the sofa, could represent the importance of preserving memories and tradition within the family.