stabbed by a monkey, hallucinating as luigi, second awakening

Date: 7/26/2017

By headFeed

I just remember something about train stations ((idk where this fits but im taking these trains and miss one station, i try again and i get off at a place thats not meant to be a station, its just a maintenance section with a chainlink fence around it. its elevated over some buildings. theres a small bed, and a monkey thats leading me around. shes my friend. i turn around to reach into my bag for something and i feel a sharp pain on my hip. my monkey friend stabbed me. she even took the knife out, it was a very quick stab and shes on the bed watching me as i try to stop the bleeding. i see a drop of blood going down my leg. i attempt to use my pants to wrap it qround but realized i need it to not be naked. i then use a scarf but cant really figure out how to tie it so that it properly puts pressure on the wound. i see the monkey nodding and shaking her head depending on how well im doing. (i wake up and the area i got stabbed, my left hip, is very sore.))) im going a very complicated way to drive and plan to take the train to my uncles house. im driving like its somekind of game, the world is very open, kind of like kerble space program? i reach this one place and crash my car. i go up this hill to try to see where more cars are that i can take, theres this broken tree in the way and i attempt to climb it but everything feels very cramped. theres really weird bugs crawling on the tree and they get on me. i run away and end up finding a really nice car near the airport. for some reason i want to drive a large bus though. i drive away into tokyo and stop at a back road under a small bridge. i look on my map and realize im parked right under a castle. i look to my right and i see a radio tower next to the roof of a castle. i look on the map and it looks farther than it really is. this goes on for a while. i finally leave and my view goes to a birds eye view of the city. i realize that i couldve just driven up north instead of taking the train. and now my path to get to the right tollroad is very very complicated and would take over a day. suddenly im with my family in the car. we decide to go tomorrow instead because its 8pm and were still in tokyo. we find a cheap hotel and hang out there. im sitting on the floor against my bed. my brother attempts to get on my bed and i tell him its mine, he can use our grandmas bed since she never uses it. (shes deceased) but i see her sitting on it. so i point to another bed adjacent to her bed. my parents say something to me and i go into another room that seems to be the bathroom. i feel wet but im not showering. i start to walk back into the bedroom and now its somekind of bar. theres a man tied up to some horizontal pole and theres like.. a museum ticket booth next to him. theres a cartoony looking man talking to the person in the booth. everything looks dark but colorful, kind of like a nightclub, its very foggy. something happens and theres a click, im luigi?? and im hallucinating, everything is magenta and very wavey, im going down long hallways and its very scary, something is supposed to pop out. i somehow remember this as a recurring dream. i think to myself that this is fake deep, im not really high, and now its all fine. im outside, its green. the grass is a very dark green, and slowly as i walk forward everything becomes brighter. im widowmaker now. theres these large white platforms at a park. i try to press E on my keyboard to use my grapple hook thing to get ontop of it, but i dont know what E is cause i AM widowmaker. theres other widowmakers. were all exploring this strange area. i use my grapple hook somehow and get ontop of one of the platforms. i see a taller platform over the playground equipment and theres something on it, it looks special. i get on the playground and theres webs everywhere. im kind of screeching cause the webs are in my face and i even see the spiders inside, they have web tunnels. i hear that someone got to the top but theres nothing special. get freed of the spiders and see that were on somekind of floating island. and i see this wall on the playground that if you look at it in a certain angle, its a reflection of the island. with the sky taking a third of it because the sky is also the floor if youre looking over the edge. its kind of mind blowing. i wake up and try to write my dream, a monkey stabbing me and hallucinating, but i cant see the words properly on my ipod. i cant remember anything. i dont know how to write. i wake up for real this time.