House sitting for Val

Date: 12/8/2020

By Purple

In my dream, I was house sitting for Val. Her house had four levels. The top floor was a mess. But sometimes the mess was on the top floor and sometimes it was the basement. A few things happened in the dream, but I’m not sure of what happened first. There was a sense of a pub and different guys wanted to talk to me. I was more interested in a strangely designed Rubik’s cube, which had layers and various shades of brown. I started to understand the layers after picking it up a few times. I had to feed her dogs and realized after being there for two days. They were in the basement. I called Val, freaking out with my admission of forgetting about the dogs. She laughed and said that’s okay, as her daughters were taking care of the dogs. I wa staying in the messy part of the house and thought I’d clean up and help Val. Surprise her for when she comes home. Even putting like with like, although I don’t know where things belong, would be helpful. Val’s mom pointed to the wood floor and really wanted to treat Val by having the wood floors redone, but she didn’t want to piss Val off by doing it without her permission. I was going to use the bathroom in a dark part of the house where I was staying. There was an open pond in front of the toilet. Are those live fish I’m seeing?! Suddenly, a few guys show up with buckets hey filled with fish from the pond. Some of the fish were gasping because their heads were out of the water, above the rim of the buckets. I pointed it out to one of the men and I put the slippery creature back into the pond.