Face Surgery

Date: 2/27/2019

By dreakee

I was fighting with this kid in my house with cans of beans and after the fight I stopped to pop a blackhead I saw in the mirror. I think he hit me with the can as I did it and my nails are kinda sharp and it tore my face down to the muscle and my face was falling apart. My mom took me to her work and said I needed surgery. She told me to grab mayonnaise and I did. She put it under the skin and flattened my skin down. I told her she missed the top and she said we couldn’t mess up on this because the face is the first thing people see and we don’t want to ruin my future. I talked to Connor about it and he said it was insane that I had to get surgery. We didn’t get to do the surgery and I ended up playing a game where you would jump on lit up dots on the ground and then slap as high up as you could. There was a record to beat. These kids behind me beat it and I woke up.