Terrifying... Sick and sad.

Date: 6/3/2017

By silentknight_

The dream in which I had, depicted this man as successful and powerful. No specification. It had turned out this man was keeping two very young siblings captive in his basement. For a long time. He was violent in a surgeon fashion... a young girl and young boy. When he was caught, he showed no remourse. In a fairly lit, underground cave, grounded with water, on a slightly raised circle in the ground, the girl was laid in a bed. made to watch as the molester had his throat slit, where he bled out. At the same time, she was stuck with a needle in her throat. euthanized. the boy, the same. But made to watch as this injustice was corrected upon the older man. but there was no coming back from this, for the children. So the correctors put their poor souls to rest.